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Bernie Worrell & the WOO Warriors

Review 10/21/99 From: Jack Abney

Bernie Worrell and the Woo Warriors came to Columbia SC Elbow Room Music Hall last Thursday. Just thinking of what I could say that hasn't been said before. They tore the roof off with 3 1/2 hours of funk. Some new stuff, some old stuff, nice mix. They played all the greats. It is easier for me to think of what they didn't play. :-) The crowd really wanted "Tear the roof off". Didn't get that one, but they got just about everything else though. Unfortunately, I didn't take notes. From what I can remember. Gamin on Ya. Woo Light (Flashlight) Y Spy Hit it and Quit It (Never heard them play this and it rocked) :-) Red Hot Mama Night of TP (Ga ga goo ga ga)--this was last song (play that guitar Mike) :-) Don't Like the effects, don't produce the cause Give the people what they need, what they want (sing it Nowell) :-) Cosmic Slop Coming round the mountain when she come (one of my favs) A brides of Funkenstein song (sing it Dawn) An instrumental song opening up---sounded like Let's Take it to the stage Another instrumental in the middle followed by an awesome drum solo by Gabe. And a special Bernie version of Frosty the Snowman------ very fitting because it was COLD that night. And lots more excellent stuff that slips my mind right now. Was nice seeing Gabe and Mike and Bret again. Also nice meeting Dawn (vocals), Russell (keyboards), Lonnie (bass), Nowell Haskins(drums, vocals) and Richard (sound board man) Show began 11:05pm Ended 2:30am What a show!!!!!! Everyone there had a great time. Excellent crowd too. Bernie introduced me and everyone sang happy birthday to me. My birthday was officially 10/19 And I bet 50+ people wished me happy birthday after that. Was kind of fun :-) Also enjoyed meeting Kevin (the local Kiss 98.5 fm dj who interviewed Bernie that afternoon before the show) and a very nice couple who drove down from Charlotte for the show. Thanks Bernie and Judie!!!!!!!!! Only thing I can say now is COME BACK SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED THE FUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jack

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